Course Description / Requirements

Vermont Teenager Course: Ages 15,16,& 17.

DMV Required.
30 Hrs Classroom + 6 Hrs BTW + 6 Hrs Observation.
5 to 6 Week Course.

This course is for Teenagers who have a current Vermont Learner's Permit and want to obtain a Vermont Driver's License.This course meets all state requirements,it places special emphasis on crash avoidance, situational awareness, and zone control.This course includes an academic component and a driving skills component.The academic component includes 15 classroom lessons, each lesson being 2 hours long. The driving component typically includes 12 behind-the-wheel lessons. Each behind-the-wheel lesson usually includes the student receiving ½ hr of BTW instruction and ½ hr of observation.
All students must attend a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and 6 hours of observing behind-the-wheel instruction.
The DMV also requires that each teenager drive with parents or Guardian for atleast 40 hrs.
Upon Successful completion of the course students will be issued a State Certificate attesting completion of the required 30 hrs + 6 Hrs Behind the wheel + 6 Hrs observation time as stipulated by DMV.

Customized Classes could be held in any Vermont area with a minimum of 12 or more students. 

Fees will vary by each location.